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l to r: opalite, green aventurine, moonstone, pink rhodonite, citrine | Venice, Italy

For those unfamiliar, crystals and (gem)stones are from the earth and they are here to help you. Since this is an overview, I won't get too in depth, because it gets DEEP, but they can be used for a wide variety of reasons from personal healing, growth, guidance, protection, manifestation and even the transference of information (another day, another post but inquiring minds can look up Lemurian crystals). 

Namaste Bookstore | Union Square, NYC

The most prominent use for me is balancing my chakras, or the energy vortices of the body. I find that my thoughts and words manifest, and that my intuition guides me better than any outside force. Everyone is different so the stones may work better for you and life is unpredictable, so you never know what you'll need.

Selenite Wand

For those just starting out, the amount of stones and their uses can be overwhelming. Think about what you personally need or want in your life right now to get an idea where to start. If you like, you can take a chakra quiz and find out where you are imbalanced. If you just want to start using crystals, clear quartz is a great essential stone and the easiest to work with. It's a high vibrational crystal that helps to balance all chakras, although highly resonating with the crown.

Crystals and stones at a flea market | Pisa, Italy

How you use the stones vary as well but mainly depend on your reason for working with that particular stone in the first place. I was wearing/using crystals before I knew what I was doing. My mom got me a wrapped green aventurine in elementary school and a wrapped pink rhodonite in high school to wear. Both of those are for the heart chakra and help with focus & self confidence. 

Wearing green aventurine at my elementary graduation 

I started a collection but some of them were "misplaced" from under my pillow* in Barcelona. However, it's said that when you no longer need your stones they may leave you for someone that does. I'm starting to believe it's true because I lost my replacement citrine right after I got it. People misplace them for period of time and they seem to magically reappear, if necessary. 

Here's a gemstone guidebook that I usually give to people when they contact me for information. It's great for beginners. I'll be posting about more about chakras, crystals and stones later but feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 



*I told you, it gets deep. Sleeping with stones are a great way to work with them, as with everything else, depending on which stone and it's uses.

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