Stay Positive

We all go through obstacles, whether we're vocal about them or not. Learn to look for the silver lining & stay positive. 

Here's how if you need help: 

1. Accountability. This is YOUR life. You chose (to accept) whatever happened in the past. More importantly, even if your past situation was out of your immediate control, you have the power to control your future and your mindset.

2. Solutions >>> Complaints. I'm an ex spoiled brat so I know all about this game. Eventually I had to realize, complaining just wastes time and that's the only thing in life you can't get back or count how much more you'll get. Treasure your time and focus on finding a solution!!! 

3. Keep an attitude of gratitude, even for the smallest of things (fingers, feet, food, LIFE, etc forget material!! ). Remember, life could always be much worse, even on the hell days. 


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