Asanda Spa Lounge: Delta Sky Club JFK

Asanda Spa opened a new location at the Delta Sky Club in Terminal 4 of JFK airport.

If travelers have access to the club, they'll have a chance to enjoy the Asanda/Stay Well experience. Passengers can relax, enjoy and restore with massages, facials or one of the mind body services to create a wellness refuge from the stresses that travel bring.

In the spa lounge, you can rejuvenate with a Nap26 power nap, listen to a guided meditation by Deepak Chopra or admire Louie Schwartzberg's moving art. Recline and enjoy the lounge's aromatherapy and enhanced air quality, and so much more.

I tried Deepak Chopra's Dream Weaver Light, Sound and Mind machine and it was AMAZING! I honestly thought I was flying through clouds. Using a combination of LED lights and sounds, you're sent on the journey of your choice and feel similar to how you would in a meditative state. Talk about B-L-I-S-S.

I meditate regularly and have never felt an experience like that one. Luckily, the Deepak Chopra experience is available for purchase at the Asanda Spa so you can take it with you and have them regularly on your own.

The spa uses and sells products from Italy-based brand Davines, including their Comfort Zone skin care line. I quickly fell in love with their OI line and purchased a hand cream, but I also took samples of some of the Comfort Zone hydrating products.

This spa is just a taste of what Asanda Spa has to offer, as they have two more Delta Sky Club locations: one in Seattle and an upcoming in Atlanta. They also have two stand alone locations in Manhattan that have more services and the full Davines product line, I can't wait to check those out!

I recommend The Asanda Spa Lounge at the Delta Sky Club in JFK to anyone who gets the opportunity to try it. Increased energy, improved productivity and reduced stress help optimize your well-being and travel experience and that's something we can all appreciate.

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