Metropolitan Museum of Art: Badass Bitches Tour

This past weekend I did Museum Hack's Badass Bitches of the Metropolitan Museum of Art tour and had such an exciting experience!

The Met is the largest museum art museum in the United States and one of the most visited museums in the world so it was nice to go on this unconventional VIP tour and explore art from a new perspective.

Tour guide explaining the "Marble Female Figure (Steatopygous)" from 4500-4000 BC

Our spirited tour guide started off with a brief presentation and a little background of what this Badass Bitches Tour was really about. We talked about understanding feminism, the Guerrilla Girls, how small the percentage of female artists that are displayed in the Met is and how female artists are treated as inferior, and paid as such. 

"Gable Figure" - Dilukai

"Lime Container" - Poporo

Paintings by Florine Stettheimer

"Lilith" - Kiki Smith

Bustling through the many works (and crowds!) of the museum, we stopped along different rooms to explore the female artists' work and always got a fun backstory or little known facts about the artist and the particular pieces. One of my favorites was "Lilith" by Kiki Smith and how it relates to the origin of lullabies.

We talked about Rodin and how his works were different before and after Camille Claudel,
his assistant and lover. 

In addition to learning about the art, we played fun little games, like one where we guessed what the women in paintings were thinking and created captions for them or another where we posed with sculptures for cute pictures. 

"The Vine" - Harriet Whitney Frishmuth

Jackie O agreed to let the Egyptian tomb go to the Met so she could view
it from her penthouse. Talk about Badass!

Museum Hack's Badass Bitches of the Met Tour was far from your traditional museum tour. I had way more fun than anticipated and to be honest, it changed the way I'll look at art, even when viewing on my own. I would recommend this or any of their tours to art lovers and newbies alike. I've personally never been a fan of museum tours but I would definitely do another one of theirs.

If you're not in NYC and can't make it to the Met, check out their website to see if Museum Hack operates tours at the museums in your city.

This review was paid for by Museum Hack but all opinions are my own.

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