Piazza Dei Miracoli

"Just to get some pizza" *Jay-Z Voice*. Pisa was super fun! I went on a solo journey for 3 days and I had a great time.

There isn't much to Pisa outside of Piazza del Mercoli as far as monuments and statues but I did as much sightseeing as I could. I walked around the botanic garden, ate at the local spots, and went to the flea markets. I even ended up getting myself a new crystal.

Orto Botanico

The next day I had a beautiful train ride through Tuscany and went over to Pietrasanta. That's the city where Michelangelo obtained his marble.



I took the bus up to Levigliani to go on a tour of Antro del Corchia. What an experience! It was about 2 hours inside and I was dirty and exhausted but felt liberated. I had to go by the return bus times so the tour I took was in Italian but they do offer English tours as well. 
Antro del Corchia


I took the bus down from Levigliani to Forte de Marmi because I had alot of time, the trains back to Pisa run frequently and its only a 20 minute ride so I figured, why not. On top of the beautiful beach, Forte de Marmi has a designer flea market every week, as well as everyday designer stores.

Forte dei Marmi

Keith Haring "Tuttomondo"- '89 (Sant' Antonio Abate)

I had an AirBnb apartment that was right by the Arno River. I got this amazing view walking back from the mural.

Pisa is a great city to visit. I would recommend it as a stop-over city on a tour of Tuscany or something similar. Either way, you'll enjoy it.

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