Nike Air Society - A Night of Inspiration

Nike Air Society is NikeWomen's network in New York, LA, Chicago and more recently Toronto. It's created and lead by powerful women to empower, connect and inspire creative-minded women through curated experiences and workshops.

The event I attended was "A Night of Inspiration," which was an evening of creativity and conversation. During the event, there was a panel of speakers, a group meditation, cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and so much more.

Attendees had opportunities to get skincare tips and goodies from Dr. Jart, press flowers with FloraBrook NY, create fragrances with Maha Rose NYC and choose our mantra with a keychain from Ok Real. We also got adorable backpacks from Baggu that had acrylic frames for our Polaroids.

I'm looking forward to more Nike Air Society events, in NYC or other cities. For more information check out their website.


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